Good-Bye Lover Paperback

Good-Bye Lover Paperback

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Written my local Mankato, MN author, Rachel Britz.

All she ever desired was to play her fiddle . . .
But her love of music may cost her everything.

Seventeen-year-old Honora (Nora) Gallagher captivates Ireland's attention in 1880 when news of her father's untimely and tragic death spreads across the countryside. According to her father's will, Nora must now find and marry a suitor within a year if she is to inherit her family's estate, Kings Castle, or be forced to hand it over to a distant and unfamiliar cousin. Distraught, Nora must now choose between following her dream of studying music in Dublin or saving her beloved home through a rushed marriage.

The combination of her father's mysterious death, missing family money, and an abrupt end to the castle's Fair Day program leads Nora to question the motives of people she once trusted. Nora quickly realizes there is only one solution to such a tangled mess: sacrifice.

Nora is forced to choose will she remain loyal to her father and the servants who are counting on her or will she follow her heart and chase her dream?


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